CSEM is a non-profit-oriented public-private Swiss technology innovation center, based in Neuchâtel, renowned for developing advanced technologies with profound societal impact. Our mission is to transfer these innovations to industries, strengthening the economy. Our expertise spans the entire PV value chain from crystalline silicon and perovskite cells. Our capabilities encompass technological development, product prototyping and full-scale demonstration systems. Equipped with a cutting-edge infrastructure, including specialty systems for thin-film coating and fabrication processes, we deliver end-to-end solutions, driving sustainable impact. Recognizing the importance of widespread PV adoption, we pioneer advancements to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon energy mix.

In TRIUMPH, CSEM is mainly involved in the large-area upscaling (WP6), where the main goal is to produce large-area triple-junction solar cells. Together with IMEC, EPFL, QC, SALD and VA, the aim is to fabricate large-area, high-performance and stable cells, and identify a suitable process flow for industry transfer.

More information on https://www.csem.ch/

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