The overall goals of TRIUMPH are the initiation and development of the N+3 node for terrestrial PV cell technologies reaching a TRL of 5,7 by realizing stable 2-terminal Pk/Pk/Si triple junction solar cells with high efficiencies >33%, upscaling them to large sizes ≥100 cm2 using cost-effective and industrially scalable processes, and es- tablishing compatible module technologies, validated with indoor and outdoor testing. In preparing for the TW-era, attention will be paid towards design for sustainability and CRM resource efficiency. These overall goals of TRIUMPH can be condensed into the 4 specific objectives summarized in Figure 1.1, where the chosen 3J device structure, compatible with TW-scale terrestrial PV deployment is also shown.

The 3J device chosen in TRIUMPH, for high-PCE and low- cost TW-scale terrestrial PV deployment, and the key objectives. ETL/HTL: electron/hole transport layer. RJ: recombination junction and TCO: transparent conductive oxide.

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