IPVF’s objective is to enhance the performance and competitiveness of photovoltaic cells and develop new disruptive technologies to strengthen national research in support of a powerful French and European photovoltaic industry.


There can be no progress in photovoltaic technologies without a solid understanding of how solar cells operate, enabling the identification of the fundamental sources of efficiency losses or physico-chemical degradation phenomena, and finding ways to address them. In TRIUMPH, IPVF is leading WP5 on ” Characterization, device modeling and energy yield predictions “, developing new methods to study the electrical, optical, and physicochemical properties through luminescence, microscopy, and spectroscopy. Modeling is also a key research focus, to numerically represent the physical behavior of photovoltaic panels and better understand their functioning and test improvements before implementing them on a large scale.


IPVF is also deeply involved in WP8 dedicated to ” Economic, environmental, resource, and social impact assessment “. An object-oriented research approach which aims to reach TRL5 as targeted in TRIUMPH must be conducted in coherence with the market for the products it develops and their evolution leading up to their commercialization. To achieve this, we work on a forward-looking vision of the photovoltaic market at different time scales, taking into account environmental impact factors, to provide better guidance for the research project.

More information on https://www.ipvf.fr/

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