The transition from fossil fuels and raw materials to renewably generated electricity requires  technologies based on circular and sustainable value creation. The TNO R&D division Energy and Material transition provides expertise for advanced photovoltaic solar technologies,  integration into electrical systems and intelligent energy management.


Within Triumph TNO is responsible for developing a proof-of-concept methodology focusing on easier disassembly of 3J modules using a release encapsulant. The innovation of release encapsulants encompasses the development and application of novel encapsulant material that enables residue free disassembly of the module components, while ensuring the desired life time. TNO will investigate 3J device stability under real outdoor light/environment conditions and acquire outdoor performance data to validate energy yield gain for 3J versus main competing technologies and to provide input for energy yield modeling (Task 5.4).


Activities of the Triumph WP7 focuses on selecting and investigating the compatibility of release encapsulant in combination with Pk/TCO layers. Therefore the lamination process has to take place at a reduced temperature profile in conjunction with a tuned release encapsulant. After disassembly harvesting technologies of valuable cell elements such as Ag and In will be studied. Moreover, TNO will analyze recyclability of Pk/Pk/Si 3J modules in comparison with standard Si modules during the disassembly phase. Device stability investigation under real outdoor light/environment conditions are carried out by adapting the TNO custom-built tracing equipment specifically for high(er) voltage and low(er) current devices. Outdoor monitoring of 3J modules, in conjunction with reference Si and Pk/Si tandem modules is the main focus involving at least 10x10cm2 sample size for at least 6 months minimum time period including one summer month. Reference Si devices and Si/Pk tandems are applied for comparison measurements of the Triumph 3J modules.

TNO as a knowledge provider will expand its know-how about the novel release encapsulant and outdoor measurement technology in combination with multi junction solar cells following closely TNO’s circularity roadmap for PV applications. 

More general information on TNO’s activities: 

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